27 May 2011


For those with nut allergies, it can be challenging to replicate that nutty flavour or crunch. But it can be done! If you're seed-allergic or gluten-intolerant as well, there are a number of options to help you replace nuts in recipes.

Whole or chopped for extra crunch
These are generally included for extra texture and flavor so they either can be omitted entirely or replaced with:
  • Roasted chickpeas or soybeans, pumpkin seeds, sunflower kernels or sesame seeds
  • Crispy rice cereal, puffed rice, rolled oats, crushed corn or rice chips/crackers, granola or other nut-free toasted muesli mixes
  • Seeds (if you’re not allergic) are a healthy substitute: pumpkin and sunflower kernels can be a great alternative when you want texture or need to ground them to make your own nut-free butters or pastes (eg. pesto) 

Ground nuts or nut meals
If a recipe calls for substitution of an almond or hazelnut meal, try some of the following options on their own or as a combination: 
  • Finely dessicated coconut
  • Roasted and ground sunflower or pumpkin seeds
  • Plain or gluten-free flour 
  • Breadcrumbs (gluten-free if required)
  • Oat or wheat bran 
Try my nut-free recipes:


  1. another great post! Have picked up some good tipes here. I really need a spice grinder to grind my seeds to a finer powder. What do you use for this?

  2. i use the braun mini food processor - little bowl with the stick attachment. does a great job! (though spice grinder would be good as well)