05 December 2009

Round the world Christmas baking challenge

It's relatively easy to eat allergy-free at Christmas except when it comes to sweet things - which is when it can get awfully tricky. Christmas is a time for lots of nutty treats, full of eggs, butter and dried fruits (which, wouldn't you know it, often have traces of nuts).

I'm not a fan of pudding - but I do love the variety of Christmas baking from all around the world. So I'm donning the apron and going about the task of vegan-ising and de-nuttifying all sorts of delectable Christmas treasures...

English Mince Pies - should be a cinch
Scottish Shortbread - pfft, hardly a challenge
Greek Kourambiethes - hello coconut
Italian Panforte - impossible you say? So many nuts - but I have a trick up my sleeve and I hope to hell it works!
German Stollen - if I get this far...I may have eaten my body weight in dried fruit by then

Stay tuned! Christmas is only 3 weeks away, I better get cracking...


  1. A sneak preview for everyone ... the Greek Kourambiethes are DELICIOUS!!!

    Εύγευστος. Το μαγείρεμα βασίλισσας μέλισσα είναι ανώτατο.

  2. Only a matter of days to go. Where's the stollen?

    Ich verlange, zu wissen, wo das stollen ist. Ich muss das stollen haben!!!