27 November 2010

Rocky Road

dairy free egg free nut free

This is delectably simple - and your only real challenge is to find a dairy and nut free chocolate (with no traces).

I have a pathological aversion to glace cherries (slimey, squelchy things), so I replaced them with the new Natural Confectionery Company Berry Bursts... all the better I say. These were very popular at the last Elwood Community Market so I'll be making an extra slab or so again for the big Christmas market next Saturday. Who knew the blessed thing only takes 5 minutes to put together? For those who want a nut-free crunch, you can add roasted soy beans, but they are perfectly delicious as is.

And to the vegans who couldn't partake at the last market - apologies - but check out Angel Food, you can make your own gelatine-free marshmallows here

500g dairy free nut free chocolate
(I used Sweet William plain chocolate and white delight here but my favourite version so far has been Sweet William white delight and Kinnerton dark luxury chocolate bar)
250g pink and white marshmallows (use Pascal, no traces)
1/2 cup dessicated coconut
200g Red Berry Bursts (by Natural Confectionery Company)
1/2 cup roasted soy beans (optional)
extra coconut to sprinkle

Melt chocolate in microwave (on high for a minute, then in 20 second bursts until melted) and stir to combine. Add coconut, red lollies and marshmallows and mix thoroughly. Pour into a lined lamington/rectangular pan, sprinkle with coconut and refrigerate until set.

Remove from pan and slice into squares or bars.


  1. Hi there, do you know if these can be made two or three days in advance?

    1. Yes absolutely! Just keep refrigerated :)

    2. Thank you kindly.... Added some Marie biscuits and they taste so yummy!!!

    3. How many Marie biscuits did you add? Makinsu